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Notary Public

Through one of our partners we are able to offer the services of a Notary Public separately regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury of 1 The Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3JT. Email Faculty.office@thesanctuary.com.

The notarial services on offer include:

  • Attesting powers of attorney and other documents for use in countries throughout the world
  • Certifying documents relating to companies registered at Companies House or in foreign commercial registers
  • Assisting with documents required to set up a company abroad
  • Attesting tender documents and other documents which require to be signed on behalf of a company for use abroad
  • Applying for legalisation of documents at the Foreign and Commonwealth office (sometimes called ‘obtaining an apostille’) and for legalisation when necessary from the relevant embassy
  • Administering oaths, affidavits and statutory declarations for Scotland and foreign jurisdictions
  • Certifying copies of academic qualifications, passports and other documents
  • Sponsorship documents
  • Affidavits confirming freedom to marry
  • Documents for foreign adoption applications
  • Attesting foreign wills

For more information please click on this link http://www.notarypublicislington.co.uk/ 

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